Leadership Team

  • Derek A. Small

    Derek A. Small

    Executive Chairman

  • Michael G. McCully

    Michael G. McCully

    President & CEO

  • Ronald M. Burch M.D

    Ronald M. Burch, M.D., Ph.D.

    Chief Medical Officer

  • Anantha Shekar M.D Image

    Anantha Shekhar, M.D., Ph.D.

    Chief Scientific Officer

  • Joseph Moskal, Ph.D.

    Advisor, Research

  • John Donello, Ph.D.

    Advisor, Translation

  • Karen Raudibaugh

    Vice President of Clinical Development Operations

  • Jeff Burgdorf, Ph.D.

    Sr. Director of Research

  • Rob Houghtaling

    Sr. Director of Corporate Development

  • Chris Burkhardt

    Director of Finance

  • Jaswant Gidda, Ph.D.

    In memoriam