Our Approach

Novel pharmacology

synaptic health

Healthy brain function depends on the strength and maintenance of synapses, or connections between neurons. Synaptic weakening and loss underlie many neuropsychiatric and cognitive disorders.

Our novel drug mechanisms are designed to directly enhance synaptic function and strength. This approach harnesses the power of neuroplasticity, or the brain's ability to form new connections, to achieve rapid and durable symptom improvement.

This approach represents a new and innovative type of drug pharmacology, where intermittent doses trigger lasting biological changes to synapses.

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TArgeted medicine

Precision neuroscience

Our development approach focuses on optimizing patient outcomes using precision neuroscience. As a result, our synaptic health therapies are targeted to the right patients who will benefit most.

Gate's precision neuroscience platform includes objective biomarkers and cutting-edge tools such as quantitative EEG and brain wave analyses, machine learning, polysomnography, targeted enrichment for patient subpopulations and symptom clusters, and genetically defined disease targets.

We are a proud clinical partner of Beacon Biosignals and employ their FDA 510(k)-cleared DREEM 3S device to capture biomarkers in our clinical studies.


Better patient outcomes

Over 1 billion people globally have synaptic dysfunction diseases, such as depression, schizophrenia, and cognitive disorders, among others. Current treatments for these diseases are inadequate, with slow onset of effect, low response rates, poor side effects, and cycling through trial-and-error.

Gate Neurosciences is developing a transformative new class of drug mechanisms that offer improved side effects, more rapid-acting & long-lasting symptom improvement, and can be dosed less frequently (i.e. weekly). And by targeting these treatments to the right patients at the right time, we envision a paradigm-shift in mental health that can truly improve the lives of patients and caregivers.

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